Project: Messenger chatbot – piano girl

페이스북 메신저 봇 – 음악하는 여자

You can try it on this url:

  • Major libraries
    • Konlpy
  • Functionality
    • natural processing language for user’s chatty input.
      • using konlpy, makes user’s input morphemes
      • using naive beyes’ classification which is implemented by myself, judge user’s intention and emotion from the morphemes.
    • music search
      • using Youtube data API, it searches for user’s query and shows the videos’ screen pages in which a link to the video is attached. If the user touches image or click ‘여기서 듣기’ button, youtube player appear neatly in the messenger app (in case of iPhone).
    • music recommend
      • It makes recommendation of which music user would like based on user’s emotion.
      • The music come from data set I prepare in the database.
      • I want to include recommender with machine learning, so that I design and implement the grading interface but the recommender is not accomplished because my partner who took this job have been too busy.
    • music evaluation
      • It gets a grade for the recommended music from user after showing videos to make better recommendations.
  • Issues
    • smarter natural language processing. It look like one of not mines.
    • to get a search query exactly from the user’s chatty input. It seems that is also related to natural language processing. but I think it is more available issues for me.
    • to reflect updates of Messenger platform. the extensible web view functionality is added. I think it must be very useful for my grading interface.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me on e-mail:

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